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The Scientific Sound Healing Frontier

The Clinical Research Behind Sound Healing and Brainwave Entrainment

25+ Years of
Clinical Research

The science and research behind Dr. Thompson’s 90+ Audio Programs available on compact disks, his Vibro-acoustic Sound Table and Sound Chair, and Light Glasses are all the direct result of clinical studies with patients and volunteers since 1981.  Dr. Thompson’s  papers and articles are thought-provoking and worth pondering.  More info…

Bio-Tuning® / Behavioral
Psychoacoustic Therapy

Dr. Thompson maintains a clinical practice with patients coming from all parts of the world. The process is called Bio-Tuning®.   It is a safe, drug-free, non-invasive and very pleasant experience.  It changes  lives  / it saves lives.  More info…   

Fortune 500 Companies and Private Consulting
Dr. Thompson’s clinical work has also led to the development of programs and consultation work for Fortune 100 Companies like Cisco, Nike and Mattel.  These programs are designed to boost creativity, lateral thinking and “out-of-the-box” new and original solutions and product design.   Dr. Thompson’s work with group creativity at Mattel was featured on the front page of the business section of the Wall Street Journal.  These programs empower employees and boost bottom lines. More info…  

Life and Practice Enhancing Holistic Seminars & Courses for 2015

Sponsored by the

Center for Neuroacoustic Research

Continuing Education Credits available --
Social Workers, MFTs, Massage Therapists, and others.

Enhancing Yourself, Life,
Family & Work

With Mind/Body Harmonious Sound Seminar Soon on-line (Modules 1-2)

Holistic Practitioner Intensive Certification Course (Modules 3-10)

1)April 27 thru May 06, 2015 and 2)October 12 thru October 21, 2015

Easy-format & Lively Didactic &
Experiential Learning

Module 1-2 On-line and
Holistic Practitioner Intensive
Certification Course

1)April 27 - May 6 and 2)October12-21,2015



Center for Neuroacoustic Research

Carlsbad, CA

   Learn & and experience directly from Dr.Jeffrey Thompson, D.C.,B.F.A.

The World's Premier Sound Healing
Researcher, Brainwave Entrainment Expert, and
High-Tech Personal Transformational Pioneer, Motivator, Futurist

with the use of Sound & Holistic Modalities


Experience Dr. Thompson’s Scientific

Approach & See How Well It Works!


*** Here to Assist You ***

In Attaining

A Centered & Effective Approach
to Life, Family, Work, Play &
Awakening Life Force


Empower Yourself - Become a Certified Holistic Practitioner - Enrich Your Life, Work, Family,Play

  The Seminar (Modules 1-2)  is recommended for all  professionals & general public alike. 

The Course (Modules 3-10) is recommended for all Clinicians and Those Setting up a Practice and/or for Those who simply want to learn.



For Your Convenience



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The Sound Store

See, read about and hear samples of Dr. Thompson’s 90+ audio programs combining Brainwave Entrainment, 3-D Sound, Primordial Sounds and more in the easy-to-use fantastic Sound Store.  More info…  

Cutting-EdgeAudio Programs
  ● Classical Music
  ● Healing and Inner Growth

  ● Learning / Memory
  ● Meditation
  ● NASA Space Sounds
  ● Peak Performance / Creativity
  ● Relaxation
  ● Sacred Sounds
  ● Sleep Enhancement

Vibroacoustic Sound Chairs and Tables
               and much, much more…

Dr. Thompson’s CD’s are Best Sellers
Many of Dr. Thompson’s CD’s are and have been best sellers in mainstream national Book/CD Stores for many years, as well as in many smaller stores.   His CDs are extremely well received.  His Awakened Mind CD, for example, was in the top10 of the Alternative Music top 25 CDs sold in the USA for quite some time.   His custom designed Bedside Sleep Units for Adults and Children sold chiefly in the nationwide Brookstone Stores have been in their top10 selling products for years as well.   The CNR Sound Store, however, is the most complete compilation of Dr. Thompson’s healing and growth-producing products and accessories.  More info…

Buyer’s Guide

Because Dr. Thompson is a visionary and extremely creative and productive, there are many CDs and other products from which to choose in the CNR Sound Store.   A Buyer’s Gui
de has been prepared to assist you if you care to use it. We believe you will enjoy, learn and profit from whatever you choose to give yourself or a loved one.    
More info…  

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