Prepare yourself to experience the real "Music of the Spheres" when you listen to the sampling of the eleven different CDs in this series. These beautiful and mysterious recordings will touch primordial and mystical chords in the heart of your subconscious and intone the connection of your body*heart*mind*spirit with the larger body*heart*mind*spirit of the Universe.

Interactions between the Solar Wind and the planets, moons and rings of our Solar System create "Soundscapes" of frequencies in the plasma energy "Ocean" that fills the void of space. Each planet, moon and ring system has a distinctive "musical" pattern. In putting samplings of each on this CD, Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, DC, B.F.A enables us to hear what can rightly be called "Celestial Love Songs." It is beautiful and powerful!

Selections from the "NASA Space Sounds" series include the following:

1) Voice of Earth

2) Rings of Uranus

3) Saturn's Rings

4) Saturn

5) Neptune

6) Uranus

7) Jupiter

8) Miranda

9) Sphere of IO

10) Space Sounds Music

11) Song of Earth

Each of the above selections are available as full length individual recordings on CDs in this series. "Float" to the heavens with the NASA Space Sounds and return with your gift within!