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In 1989, Dr. Jeffrey D. Thompson, D.C., B.F.A. was approached by representatives working with NASA and JPL to explore a series of powerful recordings which the Voyager I & II Spacecraft had sent back from Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. These recordings seemed to be having a profound effect on the scientists and researchers who were exposed to them.   Dr. Thompson was approached as an expert in the field of sound and healing, and especially in his work with "Primordial Sounds.”  Primordial sounds are human body sounds and nature sounds formatted in special ways to cause a deep response in the subconscious mind.  These are extremely useful in all levels of healing. Could the space sounds actually be Primordial Sounds, also – from outer space but strangely familiar to us?    More Info...

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Dr. Thompson was invited to research the possible meaning and applications of the use of these NASA Space Sound Recordings from the planets in healing and their possible beneficial effects on the subconscious mind.

These sounds are recordings of the interaction of the Solar wind and the Ionosphere of each of the outer planets. The resonance of these ions is exactly within the range of human hearing (20-20,000 Hz) - called by NASA "Ion Acoustic Waves". This means that nothing had to be done artificially to the sounds to hear them – They were the REAL "Music of the Spheres".   Although there is no air in space, there is vibration.  Space does not have the medium of air to carry the vibration to your ear, but the vibration is present.   With the specialized recording equipment aboard Voyager, it became possible to record these amazing sounds for the first time and then hear them here on Earth.

These sounds were remarkably similar to explorations Dr. Thompson had been making into what he  called "Primordial Sounds” - sounds recorded from the human body, breath, heart, blood, organs, etc., as well as nature sound recordings all speeded up, slowed down, formatted to impact the subconscious mind in a positive manner.  Human voice speech patterns speeded up by three times sounds amazingly similar to birds chirping, speeded by 8 times, it sounds like crickets, speeded more it sounds like dolphin squeaks and slowed down, like the ocean.  Recordings of Nature sounds speeded up and slowed down, in turn, showed similar "primordially" recognizable properties: Crickets slowed down sounded like birds chirping, birds slowed down sounded like dolphins and dolphins slowed down sounded like people singing…

Imagine his amazement and that of all of us when we heard these NASA Space Sound recordings that sounded like dolphins, whales, ocean, crickets, choirs, Tibetan bowls and monks chanting! Something in the core of the subconscious awakens and pays close attention to and in the presence of these sounds. These are some of the most powerful tools for healing, inner awakening and self change that Dr. Thompson has researched and produced.   His Primordial Sounds™ are found on his Audio Programs, giving even more power to his musical sounds and other techniques used.

There is a set of 12 Voyager I & II recordings of the planets and Rings of Saturn and Uranus.   Part of the “Primordial Sounds” Series, these recordings cause a deep response of relaxation and subconscious release. You may well have an "astounding" experience in listening to the "Real Music of The Spheres.”     It is like -- A Deep Call from Home.   Many enjoy a “drug-free” trip to that place, wherever that place might be for the individual!


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