Sacred Sounds

These are a series of CDs - an exclusive development of Dr. Jeffrey Thompson at the Center for Neuroacoustic Research - in which two of the world's most profound visual diagrams used for deepest meditation, have been precisely converted mathematically into sound.   More info…

Sri Yantra                                                                     Price: $24.97


Sonic Labyrinth                                                          Price: $24.97


By converting these ancient and greatly revered symbols mathematically into sound, Dr. Thompson   discovered that the precisely tuned tones that resulted all fell within what is called the "Critical Bandwidth" of tuning.  This is the place in which the brain cannot distinguish two separated tones, but hears a single tone with a pulse within it - a binaural beat - a key to brainwave entrainment.  Dr. Thompson was able to grasp this finding immediately, having developed his own technique for brainwave entrainment in 1982 to orchestrate states of consciousness using sound.   Dr. Thompson recognized that what he had just discovered, others had discovered and used the same sophisticated brainwave entrainment five thousand + (5,000 +) years earlier.  Brainwave entrainment was hidden in these sacred symbols, assisting persons in very early times to meditate and experience personal transformation.

The Sri Yantra and Sonic Labyrinth are not musical pieces in the normal sense of the word.  Rather they are precise and profound sound tools for achieving the deepest states of meditation and prayer.

These sacred symbols and their sonic counterparts are not to be approached or used lightly


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