Dr Thompson Neuroacoustic Sound Chair System

The Dr Thompson Neuroacoustic Sound Chair System
Designed by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, DC, B.F.A, is manually operated and has soft Australian Leather Pads. The hand controlled reclining feature is easy to operate and gently swings your body into the "Zero-Gravity" position at the touch of a finger. The Dr Thompson Neuroacoustic Sound Chair is available in Green Leather/Walnut Wood Stain Base and in Black Leather/Maple Wood Stain Base for fairly rapid delivery. Special orders of Mocha, Ivory, and Chocolate Leather Pads may also be ordered, but generally require more time for delivery. The attractive wood-stained legs are made from the hard Havea Brasiliensis wood and the Australian leather is soft, durable, and easy to maintain.

Enhance Your Therapeutic Results at Home or your Therapeutic Capabilities in your Clinic, Wellness Spa, or Fitness Gym.
The Dr Thompson Neuroacoustic Sound Chairs are the "State of the Art" sound chairs on the market today. They use specially designed low frequency solid steel transducers, which act like electronic tuning forks to resonate your body to what you are playing through the Dr Thompson Neuroacoustic Sound Chair, which for your sake, we hope are the Dr Jeffrey Thompson Neuroacoustic Research Audio Programs on CDs, as any sound chair is only as good as the sounds played through it. Dr. Thompson’s CDs are made for your stress-reduction, relaxation, healing, growth, personal transformation, expanded awareness, peak performance, etc. Any CD may be played through the Dr Thompson Neuroacoustic Sound Chair, however, but benefits will vary. When you are reclining in this highly comfortable "Zero Gravity" position and experiencing the vibrations from Dr. Jeffrey Thompson's music, you easily become part of the sound vibration through direct bone and fluid conduction. It is an awesome experience, to say the least!

The Dr Thompson Neuroacoustic Sound Chair Delivery Systems come with an impedance-matched amplifier/receiver, a CD player or exchanger, quality speaker wire, set-up and use instructions, complementary headphones, and a complementary set of CDs.

Any Sound Delivery System Is Only As Good As The Sounds Played Through It
To achieve the best effect possible, we recommend you use the Dr Jeffrey Thompson Neuroacoustic Audio Programs which have been specifically designed to play through the Dr Thompson Neuroacoustic Sound Delivery Systems, including the Dr Thompson Neuroacoustic Sound Chair. These Audio Programs have been developed through much clinical research and thousands of patients and volunteer visits. They assist you in "Becoming the Sound" you feel through the Dr Thompson Neuroacoustic Sound Chair, hear through the complementary headphones accompanying your purchase, and see through light glasses run by the Dr Jeffrey Thompson Audio/Visual Modulator, which we recommend you purchase with your Sound Chair for maximum benefit. Each Dr Jeffrey Thompson Audio Program CD recording has been specially engineered with precision low frequency vibrations to most effectively resonate the body and pace the mind into different states of consciousness for healing, deep relaxation, emotional release, enhanced therapeutic interaction, openness, meditation, peak performance, etc. You can find a great selection of these Audio Programs on compact discs in the "Compact Disc" section of the CNR Sound Store accessible in the Drop Down Menus and on the Blue Menu Bar to your left.

Physiologic Response to Sonic Induction Technology
The obvious stress reduction benefits of listening to relaxing music have been proven through numerous research projects in hospitals, universities and private clinical practices over the course of many years. Normally, hearing involves sound waves pushing air pulses against the ear drum, moving the mechanical joints of the middle ear bones which amplify these vibrations to the inner ear, which pushes fluids into wave pulses, moves tiny nerve endings, fires signals through the 8th cranial nerve directly into the Temporal lobe of the brain, and which interprets these impulses as "sound".

By delivering these sound frequencies through the body directly, an entirely different system of the body - the spinal cord and areas of the brainstem and brain - are brought into play, offering the possibility of a much deeper whole-body response. With the Dr Thompson Neuroacoustic Sound Chair and Sound Table we have the possibility of direct cellular stimulation. Direct stimulation of living cellular tissue using sound frequency vibration has shown marked cellular organelle response with a corresponding measurable increase of cellular metabolism and, therefore, a possible mobilization of a cellular healing response. Since the human body is over 70% water and since sound travels five (5) times more efficiently through water than through air, sound frequency stimulation directly into the body is a highly efficient means for total body stimulation, especially at a cellular level.

Sound frequency pulse waves played directly into the body also have a profound effect on the nervous system. The entire posterior one-third (1/3) of the spinal cord consists of nerve tract bundles whose sole purpose is the transmission of vibration sense data to the Brain Stem, Cerebellum, Pons, Medulla, Hippocampus/ Limbic System, which are the emotional processing areas, and various areas of the Cerebral Cortex.

Far reaching possibilities are inherent in using this type of vibrational technology in the areas of massage, energy work, physical healing, emotional release work, hypnosis, meditation, relaxation, stress reduction, and – well, we will let you add the other uses and places for use, limited as they are, only by lack of imagination.

For the best total effect, you will want to use the Neuroacoustic Audio Program CDs with the Neuroacoustic Sound Chair with good quality headphones, such as will be sent to you with your sound chair. This will optimize the brainwave pacing process and the psychoacoustic 3-D processing on each recording, as well as block out distracting ambient noise in the room. It is necessary to have a separate volume control for the headphones, with which the headphones sent to you will have. The Headphones which come in the Dr Thompson Neuroacoustic Sound System "Package" have a volume control integrated right into the headphone wire. You then, are in control of the volume and your listening pleasure is enhanced.

The Best Sound Chair In The World Is Only As Good As The Sounds Played Through It
Please visit the "Compact Disc" Section of the CNR Sound Store to explore and listen to audio clips of the many available Dr Jeffrey Thompson Neuroacoustic Audio CD Programs specifically designed to play through the Dr Thompson Neuroacoustic Sound Delivery Systems, whether that be the Dr Thompson Neuroacoustic Sound Chair or Sound Table.

Again - Included with your Dr Thompson Neuroacoustic Sound Chair System™ will be the following:
An impedance-matched amplifier/receiver, a CD Player, high quality speaker wire for direct hook-up to the impedance-matched Stereo System, easy to follow set-up and use instructions, complementary in-line volume control headphones, and a set of Neuroacoustic CDs. Shipping is generally by Ground in the USA and by Air Internationally. If you are interested in purchasing a Sound Delivery System, please e-mail or call CNR for Prices. Prices quoted will be current at the time, but can change without notice. Prices at the time of order confirmation and initial deposit or full payment will apply. If you are being referred to CNR by one of our distributors, please share their code number at the time you call, so appropriate credit may be given them. Thank you!

Don't miss the wonderful experiences which await you when using the Dr Thompson Neuroacoustic Sound Chair System™. Contact us now. You will be glad you did.

Weight is approximately 115 pounds.

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